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Internships (National)




The Palm Beach County Sports Commission has a need to fill internship positions.
The Palm Beach County Sports Commission is a private, non-profit organization
committed to developing tourism through sports. These Interns will be
instrumental in the development, marketing and production of several major
sporting events taking place in Palm Beach County. The job description and
requirements can be found on our website at
Click here to go directly to the Intern Recuritment Page.
Please forward this email to the appropriate contacts. Students who are
interested in an internship with the Palm Beach County Sports Commission should
send an e-mail to Missy Gard at
providing the following information:

* Name, address, telephone and e-mail.

* College attending, year and planned major.

* Requirements of College Internship Program. (if applicable)

* Why you want to intern with the Palm Beach County Sports Commission?

* How you perceive this internship will contribute to your education and your
professional development?

* Availability? (period of time, days of week and hours)

* Previous jobs, experience and responsibilities.

Below I have outlined the simple conditions under which the internships operate:

* Interns do not receive wages for work completed.

* Interns are paid under standard policy for work-related car mileage, at
standard rates.

* Full time Interns work regular hours from 8:00am to 5:00pm with a one-hour
lunch break

* Interns work additional hours as requested by their supervisor, which will
include weekends and evenings close to or during an event.

* Dress code is business casual

* Interns are delegated to a supervisor, and designated responsibilities and
tasks by project.

* Interns are responsible to ensure that the Sports Commission is aware of
requirement in respect to any college credit they may be earning.

* Interns are eligible to receive a letter of recommendation upon successful
completion of the internship.

Interns working at the Palm Beach County Sports Commission will gain a broad
understanding of sports tourism, event operations and event marketing as a
whole, while working on various projects surrounding our events, membership,
public relations and event marketing.

We look forward to working with you.

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