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Ace Returns

Welcome back to Ace’s Advice.

Hopefully, you all enjoyed watching the games last weekend more than I did after the Jets fans wouldn’t let me hear the end of it after the whipping the Bills took. Even though they lost, however, I was able to gain some satisfaction from the fact I had a great fantasy week as well as a great week betting the games at the casino (again, legally).

From a fantasy perspective it is a rough time to be a Fred Jackson owner. Running Back was filled with question marks during drafts this summer, and it is the one position across the board that you can ill afford to lose to injury. Luckily, it is not season ending, so if he indeed only misses four weeks as he is stating then you could be worse off. In the meantime, CJ Spiller should be a starter in every league despite the matchup.

What do you do however if you are in need of a back while Jackson or a different back is hurt? Well, here are a few names that may be floating out there depending on how deep your league is.

I’ll start with a guy that is owned in most leagues, but if Rashard Mendenhall is still available I’d pick him up immediately. I ended up drafting him in a few leagues, as I think he could be starting as early as this week. When healthy, he is still the guy in Pittsburgh, and color me skeptical on Issac Redman and Jonathan Dwyer(who is also now hurt). I’m not all that concerned about last year’s injury, and after seeing Adrian Peterson this week it only enforced that point.

Other names to keep an eye on are Jacquizz Rodgers from Atlanta as Michael Turner shows why he fell so far in drafts, and Alfred Morris from the Redskins who is Mike Shanahan’s favorite back of the week. (Until Royster or Helu wins that title next week)

Wide Receiver is where most of the fantasy pickups have been so far after week one, with the big fish being Kevin Ogletree. I am super high on Ogletree after his 8 catch 114 yard, and 2 TD performance last week, and unfortunately for me, I picked the wrong Cowboys receiver to be this year’s Laurent Robinson. I thought Ogletree would be outdone by Dwayne Harris this year, but after I was proven wrong it is time to ride the Ogletree bandwagon.

Other receivers to keep an eye on this week are Randall Cobb of the Packers, and Cecil Shorts of the Jaguars.

Ace’s Advice also had a good week at the betting window this weekend, after correctly picking the Patriots to cover their -6.5 spread, and the Redskins(+7.5) to upset the Saints in a shootout. I predicted 34-17 Pats (compared to 34-13 actual score) and 38-35 ‘Skins (compared to 40-32).

Luckily for all of you, this week I have the pleasure of predicting every game against the spread, so let’s get right to it.

Bears @ Packers (-6)

Ace’s Advice: Clearly the people in Vegas know the Packers are going to do everything possible to avoid losing two straight at home to open the season, as this is a higher spread than I anticipated. I don’t think they should panic as much as everyone else thinks, but they should certainly play a little desperate. I really like the Bears this season, but I think Rodgers makes one more play than Jay Cutler, and the Pack squeeze out a three point win at home on Thursday night, meaning the Bears would win ATS. Prediction: PACKERS over Bears 31-28

Bucs @ Giants (-7.5)

Ace’s Advice: The Giants looked out of sync last week vs. the Cowboys, and I think that the now hard nosed Bucs squad coached by Greg Schiano will try and pound the ball on the ground to avoid the Giants pass rush. I predict this to be a relatively low scoring game, and can see Eli doing just enough late in the game to even the Giants record at 1-1. I do think the Bucs win ATS however, and I’d bet the under which is currently set at 44. Prediction: GIANTS over Bucs 21-17

Cardinals @ Pats (-13.5)

Ace’s Advice: The Pats won big last week as I expected, and I can’t see them not doing the same this week. 13.5 is a big spread however, and Arizona’s defense isn’t horrible. I think the Pats jump out to an early lead, and then the Cards make the score respectable late. Prediction: PATS over Cards 30-17.

Saints (-3) @ Panthers

Ace’s Advice: I think once again the Saints could be headed for a shootout of sorts with the Panthers. This one should go down to the wire with Drew Brees being too much in the end for the Panthers. Prediction SAINTS over Panthers 31-27

Chiefs @ Bills (-3.5)

Ace’s Advice: I’ll be the first to tell you that I am shocked the Bills are 3.5 point favorites in this game. Fitzpatrick looked awful against the Jets, and he lost two of his most valuable players on offense. I think the Bills D makes huge strides from last week however, bailing Fitz out in a close one. Spiller also could be in line for another big day. Prediciton: BILLS over Chiefs 23-21
Ravens @ Eagles (-2)

Ace’s Advice: I think this could be a super bowl preview to be honest. Right now I’m predicting Falcons over Ravens, with the Eagles advancing to the NFC Championship game. Needless to say, I will have my eyes on this score throughout the game. This time around I think the Eagles make enough plays offensively, while the absence of “T-Sizzle” looms large for the Ravens. Prediction: EAGLES over Ravens 27-24

Raiders (-2.5) @ Dolphins

Ace’s Advice: I actually think Miami come out with an early lead here, and keeps things close for most of the game. In the end however, Run DMC as he is so often called, torches the Dolphins late to give the Raiders the close win. Prediction: RAIDERS over Dolphins 24-14

Browns @ Bengals (-7)

Ace’s Advice: Joe Haden may be the second or third best corner in the NFL. AJ Green is a freak of a WR. Joe Haden would normally cover AJ Green in this matchup, but he is suspended for four games. Prediction: BENGALS over Browns 27-20

Texans (7.5) @ Jags

Ace’s Advice: Count me as a person who isn’t buying the Blaine Gabbert hype. The Texans have one of the best defenses in the NFL, and will show it this weekend vs. the Jags. Prediction: TEXANS over Jags 27-13

Cowboys (-3) @ Seahawks

Ace’s Advice: The Cowboys look to keep the momentum going against the Seahawks this weekend, and I believe they do as Romo and Co. have another solid day through the air. Prediction: COWBOYS over Seahawks 27-20

Jets @ Steelers (-6)

Ace’s Advice: Surprised the spread was 6 here. I can’t stand the Jets, but they proved some things last week vs. the Bills. The Steelers are beat up. (If I had a nickel…) If James Harrison plays, I think the Steelers chances of winning increase. If he doesn’t play, I still think they win, but close. Big Ben makes one more play than Sanchez. Prediction: STEELERS over Jets 20-17

Titans @ Chargers (-6)

Ace’s Advice: I think both these teams are overrated. Norv Turner will put the Chargers in a bad spot somehow, but the Titans one up but making a big mistake late to lose. Prediction: CHARGERS over Titans 23-17

Lions @ 49ers (-7)

Ace’s Advice: How do the 49ers keep winning? Honestly surprised at how they keep doing this, and I shall never doubt them again after a huge win last week in Green Bay. The Packers and Lions are very similar in my eyes, so why not go with the same score as last week. Prediction: 49ERS over Lions 30-22

Broncos @ Falcons (-3)

Ace’s Advice: Before the injury to Brent Grimes last week, I thought the Falcons would win the Super Bowl this year. For now, I stay true to that prediction, as Matt Ryan will pick up where he left off in KC last Sunday, as he climbs towards the overused word describing NFL QBs. Elite. Prediction: FALCONS over Broncos 34-24

“Upset special”
Vikings (-1.5) @ Colts

Ace’s Advice: I think this could be a high scoring game as I like both offenses over the opposing defense. I think Luck takes a step forward from last week and tosses a few TDs. I also think both teams put up good yards on the ground as well. Colts win in an “upset” at home, and Luck gets the first of many wins in a Colts uniform. Prediction: COLTS 30 Vikings 27

“Lock of the week”
Redskins (-3) @ Rams

Ace’s Advice: Here is my theory on two particular players in this game. 1.) RG3 is a top 10 QB right now. Rookies with that much skill and passion for the game do not take as long to develop as everyone thinks. 2.) Cortland Finnegan is one of the most overrated players in football. That equals a 2-0 start for the ‘Skins. Prediction: REDSKINS over Rams 30-20

Record to date 2-0
Lock of the week record 1-0
Upset special record 1-0


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