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Jenna Comments On Incognito Situation

For any athlete, the what-happens-in-the-locker-room-stays-in-the-locker-room mentality is known. This carries throughout an athlete’s younger years to high school, to college, and possibly even to the big leagues. The extent of which hazing continues seems infinite. When someone hears the word hazing, they most likely assume it has to do with college sororities and fraternities, as well as collegiate sports teams… But what happens when a hazing incident takes place beyond college years, at the pro level? Well, America’s football nation knows only too well by the publicity and media attention gained by an incident that took place in the NFL’s Miami Dolphins’ locker room.
The concept of masculinity is well known throughout men’s sports. Clearly, within the locker room there are going to be things said that should not be repeated; but to what extent can something be said before it becomes too personal? To what extent can something be said before a friendship is at stake? Jonathan Martin, the left tackle for Miami, and Richie Incognito, the left guard, spent a great majority of their time with one another, on the field and off the field. Incognito had offended his teammate and friend by sending him multiple texts and by what was said in the locker room. Martin had enough… He was so bothered by what was said, he had decided to leave his team.
There are two sides people have to say about this situation; Martin has done the right thing and is becoming a leader for the anti-hazing movement, or he is a man and he needs to accept what was said and move on because it was “locker room” talk. Which view do you side with?
More information will be provided on this incident in the near by future….

-Jenna Tuttolomondo

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