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Hazing Costly For Cornell Coach

Hazing not only causes hatred among groups of people, but job losses as well. Cornell’s men’s lacrosse coach, Ben DeLuca, was dismissed several months after his team’s fall season was canceled. Mind you, Coach DeLuca was not only an alumnus of Cornell, but had coached the Big Red’s lacrosse team for more than ten years. In his career, he led the lacrosse team to the 2011 NCAA Quarterfinals and the NCAA Semifinals in 2013, according to a brief ABC News article. His coaching career was over.
This hazing incident was well publicized. After reviewing articles about this hazing act, I visited Cornell’s prevention website, which had gone into detail of what actually happened. According to the website, in September 2013, the Department of Athletics and Physical Education was given information about what was taking place within the men’s lacrosse community at Cornell.
Freshmen were being hazed by the upperclassman. This is common among various collegiate sports. The young men were forced to do the upperclassmen’s chores and any other task they were told to do. I’m almost sure the upperclassman thought nothing of this, because they were most likely put through the same thing when they were freshman and new to the team. This is considered an over-conformity action. In other words, no one questions these actions because they’re accepted by those around them.
The older players also held events and team bonding parties that freshmen were required to attend, not always a negative aspect when welcoming new people to a sports team … right?
At one of these gatherings, the underage freshmen were forced to partake in a “keg race.” This is a challenge requiring the consumption of large amounts of beer – in a quick fashion. The team finishing first wins.
Typical college drinking act, but the challenge gets even “better.” The teams were tied together in a circle by their belt buckle. Therefore, if one could not hold his alcohol, he would throw up in place and possibly on his teammate. Due to this drinking challenge, the team was temporarily suspended. And players were required to attend anti-hazing workshops.
Another result – the Big Red lost a successful coach.
-Jenna Tuttolomondo

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