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NFL “Brutally” Fun

Football may have taken over as America’s pastime. Fans love everything about football, especially big hits. Fans enjoy seeing a player get laid out by another player, but many of these plays do result in injury, most notably “concussions.” For years, players were playing with concussions because it was the norm. Players were using their bodies as projectiles with the head being the main contact. Rams are supposed to use their heads to spar not athletes! Today there are rules in place to prevent players from coming into contact with an opponent’s head or using their own as a means to a tackle. Most importantly, today’s players, the NFLPA, and the NFL have set standards to prevent players from returning until they are concussion free. But are we missing the bigger picture?
Past players deserve to have their concussion problems looked into by medical personal, so the NFL and the NFLPA have allocated millions of dollars into concussion research. Hundreds of millions more have gone into legalities and settlements. If there are different ways to help their brains – I am all for it. However, today’s players should know the consequences and find ways to prevent them from having the same head injuries as their past brothers. It is time to WAKE UP players!
There is no beauty contest when it comes to health, especially when dealing with the brain. Between technology and past designs (Mark Kelso) concussions should be limited. Why is it players have to stick with standard helmets with limited padding? Why does the NFL allow this? Other pads throughout their bodies are mandatory, shouldn’t they have extra padding on helmets? Yes, some will say it looks silly, but give it time and nobody will notice. Extra padding will either become the norm or helmet makers will redesign helmets and add padding for maximum protection. What good is a mind if it cannot be used after playing days are over? Plus we know the NFL is growing in size, fan base, and money, so eventually they’ll take a stand.
The NFL is a billion-dollar business and the individuals in charge aren’t idiots. It will not be long before contracts read that NFL players are assuming the risk of concussion by participating in football. Owners of NFL teams do not want to continue settling lawsuits that will be in the hundreds of millions of dollars. With the money these owners and the NFL have put into concussions, we will be hard pressed to find negligence on behalf of the NFL. Even if they were able to prove negligence, it could be years before any player or the NFLPA see any money due to appeals and the legal process. Why let it go that far, when it could be limited now? We keep hearing the ultimate goal is to eliminate head trauma, is it?
Jeremy Oshirak
Associate Editor

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