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EXOS Internships

EXOS Internships

As an EXOS intern, you can work with performance specialists who help train the top draft picks, All-Stars, and MVPs in pro sports. You’ll be trained in the same systems that produce these world-class results and you’ll get the skills needed to far exceed others in your field.
Learn more below about how this experience provides great hands-on education, as well as can serve as a launching pad into future career opportunities.
The Experience
As part of your EXOS internship, you’ll participate in lectures and practical sessions for an in-depth look at EXOS’ core fundamentals: Mindset, Nutrition, Movement and Recovery.
Performance training lectures and practical areas include but are not limited to:
▪ Methodology and systems lecture
▪ Program design lecture and practical
▪ Plyometric lecture and practical
▪ Medicine ball training
▪ Acceleration lecture and practical
▪ Multidirectional movement lecture and practical
▪ Absolute speed lecture and practical
▪ Energy System Development (ESD) lecture and practical including program design
▪ Upper-body lifting progressions
▪ Lower-body lifting progressions
▪ Rotational lifting progressions
▪ Olympic lifting practical
▪ Physical therapy performance integration
▪ Functional Movement Screen™ lecture and practical
▪ Functional Movement Screen™ corrective exercise practical
▪ Vibration training lecture and practical • VO2 Testing lecture and practical
▪ Power and performance testing practical
▪ Active Isolated Stretching practical
▪ Soft tissue modalities practical
▪ Pillar strength practical
▪ Common movement compensations lecture
▪ Nutrition methodology
▪ Nutrition lecture and practical for body comp testing and individual meal planning
▪ Culinary practical experience
▪ Sales and Marketing Q&A
▪ Utilizing the Athletes’ Performance system outside of Athletes’ Performance round table discussion
▪ Regeneration techniques lecture and practical
▪ Putting it all together lecture and Q&A

Interns have the opportunity to observe, coach, and gain exposure to different aspects of the industry, including performance training for sport, performance training for executives/general population, rehabilitation of athletes, teaching industry education courses, youth athlete training, physical therapy and soft tissue services, nutrition and culinary services, chiropractic, health and wellness, facility design, business, sales and marketing.

Workforce Placement
▪ Networking. EXOS has countless national and global connections in the field, and interns are exposed to more than 100 industry professionals through mentorships and visits.
▪ Placement. Past interns have been placed with companies such as MLB/minor league, NFL, NBA, MLS, German Soccer League, Parisi Speed School, Velocity, CATZ, Polequin Performance Center, Mike Boyle, Chelsea football club, Trainers to the Stars Hollywood, Crash Strength and Conditioning, and local and national performance training centers.
▪ Job Potential. Ninety percent of EXOS hires come from within the organization. Your internship is a great opportunity for you to learn and fully understand our systems while showcasing your talent and ability. EXOS currently hires an average of two new employees per month.
Additional Benefits
In addition to education opportunities, interns are able to use EXOS’ world-class facilities for their own personal training, receive discounts on food and merchandise, have the opportunity to be involved in new product testing, and are provided with adidas apparel and footwear.
Scheduling and Housing
This is an unpaid academic internship that last approximately 16 weeks, and takes place during typical school semester schedules.
Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. – 5p.m. and Saturdays (rotating schedule) from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. (Hours are subject to change depending on the time of year.)
Limited housing is available at our facility locations in Phoenix, Ariz., Carson, Calif., and Gulf Breeze, Fla., and Frisco, Texas.
Application Process and Requirements
Application Process
To apply, fill out the online application on our career site. You’ll be asked to provide a cover letter, resume, and references. You can find all available internships for EXOS by searching for “Internships” on the site.
Selected interns will be notified two weeks after the application deadline. Those not selected will not be notified.
Qualifications and Requirements
1. You must be able to receive college credit for the internship.
2. Experience in personal training, strength and conditioning coaching, or related fitness field.
3. Relevant educational background such as exercise science, kinesiology, pre-physical therapy, biomechanics, or athletic training with relevant course work (anatomy and physiology, exercise science, nutrition, statistics).
4. First Aid/CPR certification that’s valid for the duration of the internship term.
5. Available to commit to the entire length of the internship (dates vary by season/semester) and work 40 hours per week.
Note: Internships are open to both domestic and international students.
For additional questions about an EXOS facilities internship, please contact J.P. Major at For questions regarding EXOS Works internships, please contact Liz Raymond at

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