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Golf Academy of America

Careers in Golf

Choose from a Large Variety of Careers in Golf and 2 Million Golf Jobs
The golf business is estimated as a $76 billion-a-year industry providing more than 2 million golf industry jobs. Worldwide potential continues to expand for those who have golf course management degrees and the golf education necessary to pursue golf careers.
Find the Right Golf Job for Your Skills and Strengths
This degree program is designed to lower your handicap, raise your confidence and focus your talent on the right golf industry career. As a graduate of this program, you will be able to pursue a career in the golf industry with equipment manufacturers, teaching centers, country clubs, hotels, resorts, and moreā€“or start your own golf-related business.
Learn the Business of Golf and Become a Marketable Golf Professional
Like many businesses, the golf industry values people who understand revenue generation, management, operations, growth and profitability. Golf courses, management companies, equipment manufacturers, tournament coordinators, travel companies, publishing organizations and golf associations can rely on PGA golf schools and golf career colleges for career-oriented individuals with a solid golf education.
Take the Next Step
Take the first step toward your dream of a career in golf with a golf course management degree from the Golf Academy of America. Fill out the more information form to request more golf career information today!

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