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Palm Beach Internships

The Palm Beach County Sports Commission has year-round opportunities for internships. These internships are offered

to college students majoring in entertainment, sports management or other related fields. Interns working at the Palm Beach County Sports Commission will gain a broad understanding of sports tourism and event marketing as a whole, while working on various projects surrounding membership, public relations and event marketing.


The Sports Commission offers two basic programs for internships:
(i) A formal relationship where the intern obtains college credit and is overseen by the college, and produces papers/reports as necessary to obtain credit.
(ii) An informal relationship where the intern does not need credit, but wants to get experience on her/his resume.

Internships are offered in primarily two department areas. Click on the areas below to read a typical job description.
Marketing Intern
Event/Operations Intern
Students interested in an Internship with the Palm Beach County Sports Commission should send an e-mail to Administration Services Manager, Missy Gard at providing the following information:
• Name, address, telephone and e-mail.
• College attending, year and planned major.
• Requirements of College Internship Program. (if applicable)
• Why you want to intern with the Palm Beach County Sports Commission?
• How do you perceive this internship will contribute to your education and your professional development?
• What is your availability? (period of time, days of week and hours)
• Jobs and responsibilities you have previously had.

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