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Tragedy Hits Home

A very touching article was posted on my Facebook News feed, titled, “WVU Freshman from WNY dies after incident at Frat house.” Although this is recent and a touchy article to write a blog on, I feel as if it is very important to take a message from this young death. Being a Western New York native myself, I did not personally know Nolan Burch.
Nolan Burch was a 2014 Canisius High School graduate, who was attending West Virginia University. He excelled in Business and Economics. Burch was a pre-Sport Management major (I am also a Sports Management major). On Wednesday, November 12th, Burch was found unconscious at the Kappa Sigma house at WVU. Later in the week, another young life was lost to an alcohol-related death. I am very familiar with losing someone very close; my best friend had passed away from an alcohol-related death last year on September 29th.
Most assumed Burch’s alcohol-related death was tied into pledging for the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. On my newsfeed (on the social networking site), I had seen several people rant about hazing. Burch’s death was not confirmed to be a hazing incident.
Kappa Sigma’s director of chapter services had stated, “Kappa Sigma is still investigating the circumstances surround the event,” according to the article. Currently, all Greek activities are temporarily suspended; possibly to the end of the fall semester.
This was not the only Greek-involved incident that’s taken place on WVU‘s campus. Prior to this incident, there was a disturbance between members of another fraternity, which was not named in the article.
In the news video, Tori Moneyhun, WVA Student Government Associate Greek Life Director, stated, “I think it starts with us and we have to take the initiative and change this culture for this whole school”. I could not agree more with Moneyhun.
Condolences to the Burch family as they fight through this hardship
Jenna Tuttolomondo

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