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Andrew’s Mission

As the new President of the Hazing Prevention Center, I feel it is my responsibility to give my personal beliefs on the matter. Hazing is a ritual I consider a disease. It spreads like wildfire all across the nation from high schools to colleges, all the way up to professional workplaces. It is of major concern to me, and many others. The reason I took this position was my interest in stopping hazing at all costs, as it is the mission of the Hazing Prevention Center to do this. The first aspect people need to realize is, it is okay to not participate in these acts. Just because you are a freshman on the local basketball team does not mean you must succumb to the barbaric treatment that upperclassmen may push onto you. It is not your responsibility to stand by and take the abuse. Just because we are so desensitized to the subject, does not mean we should turn our backs to it and pretend it’s not happening. Coaches and respected adults in these situations should take control and do their job, which is foremost to protect children and young adults under their supervision. They are supposed to help these people grow in a safe environment. Victims must not be afraid to stand up for themselves, or tell the proper adults who can help with these problems.
How do I intend on helping to end this pandemic?
We must first open a free anonymous line of communication from us to the people whom are being affected. There needs to be a systematic approach that can be taken by each campus to allow for students to divulge this information anonymously, with no fear of retribution. This is a very large and widespread goal, but doing it at just a few local campuses can make a huge difference in WNY.
Secondly, the Hazing Prevention Center needs to grow. The use of social media, can increase the notoriety around the topic, and help spread the information regarding hazing.
I hope to continue on the legacy of the presidents before me, in an attempt to spread the word about hazing prevention and bullying protection. We will not stand by and ignore the disease that is plaguing our campuses and schools.

– Andrew DiStefano / Student President

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