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George Najjar Reinstated?

If you do not know who George Najjar is, here is the background. He was the head coach of a high school football team in Sayreville, New Jersey, that has had multiple state championships during his tenure. He was a physical education teacher at the Sayreville school district, and compiled quite the resume as their coach and teacher. However, last fall the football team’s season was suspended due to a major hazing scandal that occurred at the school. He was suspended in October with pay, as well as his assistants were, too. That is outrageous in the first place, after it being confirmed now that the hazing did occur. Currently, there are lawsuits being filed by the victims against the Borough of Sayreville and Sayreville Public Schools for millions of dollars. What the district has done now is even more appalling.
Najjar has been reinstated effective immediately into the Sayreville School District, a district that is being sued and has allowed hazing to occur for decades. For a punishment, they have demoted him to the elementary school and taken away his tenure in terms of seniority. This is simply not enough! How can this be acceptable? The coach allowed hazing to occur and he is let right back in. He still works with students, children that he did not supervise and keep safe. Sexual assault and hazing incidents must be taken much more seriously at the high school level, and of course across the board. What this high school has done is given a man a $20,000 pay cut, and a demotion. That is not enough. This man should have been suspended WITHOUT pay, and then if the investigation revealed he did not do his job protecting these kids, he should have been FIRED.
There is no place for hazing or sexual assault in sports, at any level. Hazing is cowardly and ignorant by all teams and players who believe in it. Districts and campuses around the world need to change their protocols and not allow these things to occur, and especially not be allowed to return the perpetrator to his job.
– Andrew DiStefano / Hazing Prevention Center President

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