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Local Volunteer Opportunities

Year Round Volunteer Opportunities
The West Side Rowing Club (WSRC) is a volunteer organization. We need and rely upon volunteers to be successful. Volunteers come from a pool of athletes, parents of athletes, alumni, board members, coach, and friends and supporters of WSRC. We have regatta-specific volunteer opportunities as well. If you are interested in volunteering at WSRC, please register online here and/or email one of the following Crew Chiefs:
Buildings & Grounds Committee: Crew Chief: Joe Rozbicki (
This Committee handles all matters relating to the maintenance and repair of the buildings and grounds of the WSRC. Under Joe’s direction, this Crew undertakes a Spring and Fall “General Clean-Up” of the facilities. Additional day-to-day projects may include building maintenance, boiler repair, painting, facility maintenance, small construction projects, motorboat engine repair and maintenance, lawn cutting, and parking lot maintenance. “Work Crews” are formulated as needed during the year. Please contact Joe if you are good with a hammer and looking for some work to do!
Transportation Crew: Crew Chief: Chris Pucella (
This Crew is responsible for transporting the WSRC truck and trailer to away regattas. Volunteers must have clean driving records and be qualified to handle the Club’s truck and trailer. Volunteers with commercial driving experience are ideal. This Crew often travels in pairs and may be required to stay overnight in a hotel at the regatta site. A pool of ten volunteers is ideal so that nobody is required to travel more often than desired. If you have experience operating trucks or trailers, then please contact Chris to join the Transportation Crew.
Development Committee: Committee Chief: Bill Cotter (
This Committee is responsible to plan and raise funds necessary to maintain and promote the WSRC through annual and capital fundraising, grant applications, maintaining contact with alumni, and former rowers and members of the Western New York community who support the Club. The Committee is also responsible for maintaining and managing the Club’s website an maintaining relations with the media in order to publicize and make known to the general public the activities at WSRC. So, if you are good at raising funds, or if you have good technological skills, please feel free to contact Bill to join the Development Committee!
Safety Crew: Crew Chief: John P. Dorn (
We are always looking for ways to make rowing safer, whether it pertains to the rowing equipment, motorboats, or facilities. Under John’s direction, this Crew addresses safety issues while using WSRC equipment and facilities. This Crew then implements policies and procedures designed to ensure the safety of our athletes, coaches, and anyone who visits West Side. If you have a background in this field, please contact John to lend a hand.
Rowing Committee: Crew Chief: Joel Furtek (
The Rowing Committee is responsible for assisting the Vice President of Rowing in overseeing the Club’s rowing programs and any affiliated rowing school or organization. This Committee assists in identifying and selecting the Club’s coaches. If you have a coaching background, please contact Joel!
Entertainment & Social Committee: Crew Chief: Lainey McArthur (
This Crew is responsible for hosting social events and parties for the betterment of the Rowing Club. Events may be formal or informal, depending on the occasion. Examples include cookouts on the porch, the annual Christmas Party, the annual Coach’s Dinner, the annual Steak Roast, and other occasions when Club members and volunteers join together to celebrate! This is a great committee to serve on for those who like to throw a party!
Operations Committee: Crew Chief: Ed Corr (
The Operations Committee recommends the selection of all equipment used at WSRC and ensures the proper maintenance and repair of the rowing equipment. This Committee also organizes and supervises all regattas held at WSRC. This Committee is responsible for preparing for all regattas held at the Club and to ensure there are sufficient arrangements for the participating crews entered in the regatta. This Committee also ensures a sufficient number of volunteers to act as officials, dock masters, and all other persons needed to conduct a regatta (See Regatta Volunteers).
Finance Committee: Crew Chief: Paul Kolkmeyer (
The Finance Committee is responsible for determining and maintaining the financial well-being of WSRC. This Committee reviews, approves, and oversees the implementation of all budgets. This Committee works closely with the Club Treasurer in maintaining records and reports relative to the Club’s finances. This Committee also oversees the Club’s insurances coverages and the development and implementation of long-range planning, including the expansion or improvement of the Club’s facilities and operations. If you have an insurance, legal, accounting, or bookkeeping background, this is the Committee for you!
Trailer Crew: Crew Chief: Miles Schwartz (
This Crew is responsible for the loading of the trailer for regattas. Responsibilities include making sure the truck is properly gassed, registered, maintained, and prepared for travel and that the Club trailer is properly hitched, maintained, registered, operating and loaded for safe travel.

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