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Buffalo Blue Hawks Hiring

Job Opportunities within the Buffalo Blue Hawks Organization
The Buffalo Blue Hawks are a new professional team in the ABA and we are looking to build a family oriented organization! We are looking to fill multiple positions from Head Coach, Marketing/ Media, Photographer, Ticket sales, Team managers, and Stats. As a first year organization we are looking to build from the ground up. EVERYBODY HAS TO START SOMEWHERE!

• Head Coach: As the head coach you’ll be in charge of preparing the Buffalo Blue Hawks players and leading them into game day and competing

• Marketing/ Media: Being put in charge of the marketing/ media department means you’ll be in charge of setting up team and local events for our fans to come and enjoy themselves as well as help the team build our fan base around the community.

• Photographer: Being in charge of photography means you’ll be in charge of taking action photos on game day, community events and other team functions

• Ticket Sales: Being in charge of tickets sales means you’ll have to sit at the door and collect tickets from the fans who purchased tickets as well as handle those who want to purchase tickets at the door.

• Team Manager: As the team manager you’ll be in charge of helping set up for practice as well as game day preparations. This means having water ready and helping set up the locker room with player uniforms.

• Stats: As the person in charge of stats you’ll have to make sure every player has accurate points, assist, rebounds, turnovers, fouls, steals, blocks and keeping track of timeouts.
As a first year organization we are still looking for sponsors as well as help. We are looking for anybody that wants to help build their resume. So we are more so looking for people at the intern level but not limited to. From the head coaching job all the way to stats position. So if you know of any Grad Assistant that’s helping a coaching staff and want to beef up his resume this is a perfect opportunity. From Grad Assistant to Head Coach of a professional team will look real nice. Any interested parties should contact the owner of organization at, or by phone (716) 308-5865

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