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Hazing President Says Waiting Won’t Work
An attorney for a Capital High school student in Olympia, Washington, filed a lawsuit against the Olympia school district because they “should’ve done more.” Capital High School has a hazing ritual called “BNDing,” and has been a real problem at the school. “ BNDing” is a form of hazing where the older boys have sexual contact with the younger boys without their consent. A spokesperson from the school district claims the school took significant actions as soon as they learned about the events in 2012. In June of 2012, Capital High School basketball got caught with this type of hazing. This led to the dismissal of the head coach Doug Galloway, despite parents and players wanting to keep him. The associated attorney says his clients were attacked twice, once as incoming freshmen and once as upperclassmen trying to prevent the hazing of the underclassmen. The lawsuit alleges that while the school was aware of the hazing they failed to investigate who was involved and discipline them appropriately.
In my opinion, I agree with the attorneys and his client. The school could’ve done more. Though I agree with the dismissal of coach Galloway, there are more people that need to be disciplined. The parents supporting the coach also puzzles me. How do you support a coach who could not supervise your kids properly? The school district has made some positive strides but I feel they could have investigated it further and put a stop to it as quickly as it started. However, it also more important that we get hazing reported sooner. The longer you wait, the more damage that is done. Hazing has a lasting effect on everybody involved.
Austin Bobeck, Student President

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