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Opening at ESPN

**ESPN seeks a Sr. Editor, ESPN Social.
Responsibilities: Simultaneously manage personnel and content planning with strategic programming strategy. Manage a team of 3-5 editors. Engage internal content partners to ensure the best creation, sharing and distribution of viral content. Maintain proficiency and knowledge in latest trends, technology and best practices for short-form content, especially on social media. Maintain proficiency and knowledge in latest trends and best practices for visual storytelling. Supervise creation of and edit multiple content objects on a daily basis. These will include copy and line editing roles, managing an overall style and voice, and working with subject matter experts for specific content types. Work across multiple content and delivery platforms to help mine and seed social media of/with viral content. Sports takes place on nights, weekends and holidays — and those shifts will be regular and required.
Basic Qualifications: A minimum of five years working in a high-level multimedia environment. Experience managing editors and/or writers. Experience creating and programming content, and publishing to live streams. Strong base of current sports knowledge, including teams, players and storylines. Excellent headline writing skills; an understanding of optimal tactics for social distribution.
Preferred Qualifications: Experience working in a mobile-first content environment. Experience managing social media accounts for large audiences.
Required Education: A B.S./B.A. degree in communication arts, journalism or new media or equivalent combination of education and work experience. Details are at

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