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About Internships

Medaille’s Sport Management program currently requires students to complete two internships prior to graduation.  Students are responsible for setting up their own internship sites, but may contact Program Director, Rich Jacob, with questions or issues.  Internships require both academic work and on-site, experiential work.

Academic Work

The internship work is standardized across the majors (communication, sport management, business, humanities, etc.) on campus. As such, all of the official paperwork is also found on Medaille’s website. Click here to see it.

We have placed the key portions of that paperwork, that is, the assignments that students must complete to receive academic credit for the internship, here on our site.  Students are required to complete the following:

On-Site Work

Students are required to complete a specific number of on-site hours.  This requirement is a minimum number of hours. Students should work at their sites as much as they can, in order to build networking opportunities and demonstrate the kind of work of which they are capable.

The student should make sure to get the supervisor evaluation paperwork to their supervisor a few weeks before the end of the internship (or semester).  Waiting until the last minute usually results in scrambling to try to get this form from the supervisor.  Note, it is required (with a signature) in order to pass the internship.